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House 37/1, Road 3, Dhanmondi R/A, Dhaka-1205, Bangladesh. 
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Asma Begum
                            Assalamu alaikum,
I am Mosammat Asma Begum. I hail from Barsia village of Magura District. I am the wife of an extremely poor peasant Ibadat Mollah. I am a breast cancer patient. At first stage I felt a hard lump inside my breast. Then I started treatment in homoeopathy. But after two years that small lump got swollen. But there was no pain and as such I did not give it that importance. By that time my little daughter died. I found that the tumor became reddish. I consulted Dr. Saifur Rahman of Magura General Hospital and got the tumor was operated. The doctor advised to rush to Dhaka Medical College Hospital for radiotherapy. But I did not know as how to get there, where to stay and how to provide for such treatment. Then doctors informed me that there was charitable clinic, Mosabbir Cancer Care Center at Road No. 3 of Dhanmondi. I was given shelter and my treatment went ahead. The center is indeed charitable. I pray for good health and well-being of the founder of this charity Col(rtd) Modasser Hossain Khan, Bir Protik. May Allah take care of him who has built this center for taking care of the poor cancer patients. Above of all, I pray for the prosperity of this center. 
Iftekhar Kawsar
I am Iftekhar Kawsar, son of the patient Abu Syeed. We came from Bhati Krishna Nagar Village, P.O Bhairab, P.S. Bhairab, District-Kishoreganj. My father suddenly fell sick. Then I took my father to a FCPS Doctor of our town, who advised him for doing some tests. After the tests he gave my father some treatment and advised him to see a neurosurgeon at Dhaka. Accordingly I arranged for an appointment with Dr. Nuruzzaman, a neuro-physician, who advised him to have a CT Scan. The CST Scan detected a tumor in his brain and the tumor was operated. After some time he was again advised to have some more tests, which revealed that he was suffering from cancer. Thereafter Dr. Nuruzzaman advised us to get admission in Dhaka Medical College Hospital for having radiotherapy. But I did not know where to stay in this capital city so long the therapy had continued. Somebody gave us the address of Mosabbir Cancer Care Center and having been here we just has a sigh of relief. Everybody here the doctors, nurses, drivers were all very kind and hospitable. We pray for long happy life of Colonel (Rtd) Mosasser Hossain Khan, Bir Protik, the great man, who has built this facility as a charity. Let Allah be kind on him for accepting his good work that facilitate us for staying and carrying out therapies. His son, who has left from this world, be given reward for helping the poor patients like us and let his departed soul rest in eternal peace. I will whole –hearted pray for the progress of this center.