About Mosabbir and his departure for the world hereafter (Contn'd) »

As we write about Mosabbir, our hearts bleed with the thought of him not being in our midst. We deeply apologize for failing to respond promptly to the kind words of solace and sympathy expressed with passionate eloquence by all from near and far. The delay as you may appreciate was not caused due to our unwillingness to respond to all but our inability to master enough strength and mental equilibrium to put words of mouth into writing. We therefore ask forgiveness from all for this inadvertent failure.

We feel Mosabbir's departure for the world “hereafter” has taken away all our strength physical and mental. We have been thunderstruck and rendered motionless and speechless. Head to toe, it's a paralytic feeling. Only frequent outburst of tears rolling down all over the body work as stimulant deepening the pain and accelerating the bleeding of the heart. We still hear him breathing around us, feel his touch, listen to his footsteps and watch his deep penetrating eyes staring at us. His absence from our midst is therefore inconceivable and shall continue to be so far all time to come.

Yet, having said what we said, we have to pull ourselves down to earth and accept the harsh and cruel reality – Mosabbir is no more with us. We are not going to hear him call out Mom and Dad. He is not going to dish out special recipes to Mom in the kitchen. He is not going to ask us to accompany him to the mall to choose his accessories for the computer or his birthday presents. We shall not be required to yell at him for remaining awake late hours with the internet. Neither shall we be the fortunate parents to rejoice at his coming out with flying colors at each school test scoring ‘A' in all subjects.

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