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House 37/1, Road 3, Dhanmondi R/A, Dhaka-1205, Bangladesh. 
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Newsletter 2008
We express our infinite gratitude to Allah Subhanahu-wataala for giving us the strength, fortitude and determination in successfully competing five years of our service to the poor cancer patients in Bangladesh. 
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Newsletter 2009

Mosabbir Cancer Care Centre is slowly but steadily moving forward towards meeting the challenge posed by the menacing disease cancer. People showing skepticism...
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Newsletter 2010
Another successful year has been added to the life of Mosabbir Cancer Care Centre. Like all other previous years, we have attempted at highlighting the major activities of the centre in the year 2010. 
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News-Letter 2011

Another year has been added to the life of Mossabir Cancer Care Centre. While we note with utter dismay the rise in the number of cancer patients. we console ourselves by saying that MCCC has been able to extend its multifarious services

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Newslatter 2012
Besides offering treatment facilities  to the poor, helpless cancer patients, our primary activities have been focused on ceaseless campaign towards prevention and detection of cancer among the vast......

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Newsletter 2013
This is how an old female patient expressed her feelings for the care and comfort that we have been trying to provide to the poor helpless patients accommodated in our centre. We are overwhelmed with sense of belonging of the patients to our centre. We express our.....
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