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We can't however, stop the question coming back to our mind – why did he have to leave us so early? Why at such an early age? Why after he loved others so much and was loved by others so deeply? Why after he did everything in his power to help others and ease others' sufferings? Why after he continued to show such brilliant results in his academics even with this life-threatening disease? Why after all the excruciating pain he had gone through for no fault of his own? Why after hundreds of people encompassing those in his own family, his relatives, friends, well wishers, irrespective of cast, creed or religion have been praying to the Almighty so ardently for his recovery? Last of all, why after he has been praying himself to Allah Subhana-wata-ala (Rahmanur Rahim) so regularly, humbly and passionately, making total submission to His will?

There is no plausible answer to these questions for us – the ordinary and ignorant human beings. But for those who believe in the Almighty, there is however only one answer to these innumerable questions and that is, the Omnipotent does what he thinks is best for us. Our belief in Him and the Prophet (SM) must keep us satisfied with that answer.

Every child is precious to his parents. His/her loss of therefore irreplaceable. It is a tragedy which can only be mourned till the last day of our lives. While we cherish all his priceless works, memories and achievements, their remembrance triggers excruciating pain where relief is strangely found only in further remembrance. This is perhaps a divine phenomenon which can only be explained by the Divine power – the Omnipotent.

All those who knew Mosabbir well or even had been in his company for a while, could not but term him as an exceptional boy with uncommon qualities not commonly displayed by the vast majority of children of his age. He had in him a rare combination of perseverance, diligence, honesty, sincerity, and above all love and respect for all those around him. His ability to maintain top grades in all subjects In spite of the fatal disease that he was fighting against, speaks in itself his insatiable desire to only do the best. He was a good sportsman, too and passionately in love with cricket. Nothing could however stop him from offering his prayers 5 times a day. He did not fail to pray even in his death bed till the day before his departure for the eternal life. It emanated from his firm faith In God and total submission to His will.

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