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It Is Inconceivable to us as to how could a boy of his age be in possession of such exceptional character qualities, Intellectual depth, unfettered love for all around him and yet be dutiful to the Almighty and His command. The severity of the pain which is so common with the disease could never deter him from performing such duty. His only reaction to our efforts to comfort him against the unbearable pain that we knew he was going through, was a smile with no indication of any pain In his face. No wonder, his visit to Earth was short lived. He appeared among us only to live behind the Godly qualities that human beings are required to display to be able to achieve oneness with God. Mosabbir cannot therefore, be claimed only as our son. He belongs to the humanity at large. He Is an asset in whom we all have our shares. The investment that he made would continue to profit all of us who live today and others who shall live after us till the last day of human society.

Mosabbir's memories shall continue to remain alive as long as we want them to be alive displaying the qualities that he displayed in such abundance. Even in the tender age that he was, he always dreamt of a world which would be free from Inequality, hatred, fear and rivalry. He instead longed for a world filled with peace, happiness and love. We find solace, thinking that he gave his today for our tomorrow. It is very unusual to find a boy of his age giving so much in such a short time for so many.

We ask forgiveness from you all for being emotionally carried away to some extent. We are indebted to all of you who stood by the side of our family, from distance and from near at the tragedy that has befallen us. The spontaneity that we noticed In your expression of grief, sympathy, reassurance and prayer for our son demonstrates the unfettered love that you had In store for him. We have been overwhelmed by the closeness of your hearts and the rush with which you had shared our unbearable burden.

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